Textile Wall Art


I have been evolving my abstract experimental textiles since 1981, striving through processes of layering, texturing, stitch, digital imaging, photography and print to construct textile art works that I would hope to be perceived as fine art.

My works are painterly, triggered by emotion, a response to our current climate and from having travelled extensively in earlier years (which cultivated my interest in degenerated textures, colour and forms). Memories and the experiences that travelling instils constantly re-emerge in my pieces with reverence to artists such as John Hoyland, Antoni Tàpies, Gillian Ayres, whose works continue to inspire through simple use of shape combined with the power and symbolism of colour. The land and seascapes where I live in Devon also play their part. 

I use many processes, media and materials, (repurposing wherever possible), surfacing paper and fabric with acrylic paints, gesso, inks, dyestuffs, incorporating digital art through scanned surfaces, drawing and photography that are printed to create new surfaces to be combined with block printing and hand painting.Through these processes I build up a body of papers and fabrics breaking them down into fragments to be reconstructed into balanced and meditative abstract compositions that reflect the influences and emotions of that point in time. These compositions are brought together through machine and hand stitch, the final processes, covering the piece in minute running stitchand free motion embroidery. This is integral to the work bringing the fragments together and the work to completion, the final layer.

For more information about my textile artwork please visit my website www.helynejennings.com. To enquire about available work or for more information please contact me.

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Abstract textile and paper Wall hanging for interior decor.

‘Beyond The Dark Places’. 60 x 60 cm.
Hand painted, block printed, digitally printed papers and fabrics overlaid with hand and machine stitch.

To enquire about this piece please email me at [email protected]. A digital print of this work is now available here.

Abstract stitched paper and fabric wall hanging for interior decor.

‘Walk With Me’. 59 x 60 cm.
Digitally printed, hand painted, block printed silk, archival paper, newsprint and blackout fabric overlaid with hand and machine stitch.

A digital print of this image is now available, to order a copy click ‘here’.

Abstract textile wall hanging for interior decor.

‘Along The Delta To The Topaz Sea’. 45 x 47 cm. Hand painted, block printed silk, blackout fabric, cotton and Japanese papers with stitch.

This piece is now available as a digital print, to order a copy click ‘here’.

Abstract mixed media textile and paper art work with stitch for interior decor.

‘Homeland’. 60 x 61 cm. Digitally printed, hand painted and block printed silk, archival and Japanese papers overlaid with hand and machine stitch.

This piece is now available as a digital print, to order a copy click ‘here’.