Digital Prints

I have been working on a collection of abstract digital prints, some are scanned directly from the original textile artwork or mixed media painting but I also scan my hand painted papers and stitch work individually combining them with drawing and photography through various computer programs.
In the same way that I create layers and fragments in the wall pieces I can achieve similar results digitally to create stand alone images through the scanned handmade textures and surfaces.
I also draw and create surfaces on an iPad which I print out on 100% cotton water colour or rice paper which I incorporate into my textile art through stitch.

“Beyond The Dark Places”, textile wall piece, 60 x 60 cm

The above piece “Beyond The Dark Places” is a large textile work using digital printing, block printing and hand painting techniques on various papers and fabrics. Areas of the work are hand stitched using traditional embroidery stitches. Once all the layers and fragments are arranged into the final composition the entire piece is covered in minute running stitch on the sewing machine. This is a very labour intensive process and the work is priced accordingly, however now I am able to offer actual size prints that capture the minute detailing and colour intensity of the original. These prints are now available to order in my web shop.

These are some examples of prints that are available, to view more or to make a purchase click ‘here’. or click the button at the foot of the page.

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‘Squares/Circle Composition I’.

‘Squares/Circle Composition II’.

‘Black & Orange Abstract I’.

‘Beyond The Dark Places’.

Abstract textile wall hanging for interior decor.

‘Along The Delta To The Topaz Sea’.

Abstract stitched paper and fabric wall hanging for interior decor.

‘Walk With Me’.

Mini Prints

I produce a selection of mini prints that are scanned from my hand painted paper brooches with a little hand gilding after printing using gold and silver foils making each print unique. These are printed by me in A6, A5 & sometimes A4 sizes on 100% cotton archival soft textured paper and are embossed with my initials on the bottom right corner for authenticity. These are also available as hand gilded cards.